Aegis West Engineering Inc. 


Welcome to Aegis West Engineering Inc.
Who are We?
Aegis West Engineering Inc. is an Edmonton, Alberta area based firm specializing in a wide range of building science engineering services that can start at your parkade, finish on your roof, and take care of the building envelope components in between.
Our firm consists of two registered and practising professional engineers with over 35 years of combined engineering and construction project experience extending across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and the Northwest Territories. From start to finish you will be dealing only with an experienced professional engineer.
What Kind of Engineering Do We Do?
We provide you, the Client, with our many years of building science / building envelope engineering and construction experience. Our expertise spans residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors.
We can work with you to help deliver:
a new building currently in design and/or under construction,
- a restoration of an older or problematic building,
- providing focused task services for a specific building alteration or addition.
Our services do not stop there.
We also provide strategic planning and review services for some or all of your building envelope needs such as:
- Cladding Systems (cement fibre, EIFS, metal, stucco, vinyl, wood),
- Building Envelope Condition Assessments,
- Facility Evaluations (pre-purchase, selling, portfolio management),
- Investigations (cold/hot spaces, condensation, envelope failures, leaks), 
- Parkades (assessment, membranes, restoration),
- Reserve Fund Studies (RFS),
- Roofing: Low Slope (BUR, Restorative Coatings, PVC, TPA, TPO, SBS),  
- Roofing: Sloped (coatings, membranes, metal, shingles, wood, membrane),
- Waterproofing (balconies, foundations, parkades, plaza decks).

We work with you on Design, Specification, Tendering, and Construction Review services.
How Do We Deliver Your Project?
All buildings, regardless of the size or age, must include well thought out planning and design, appropriate material(s) selection, and suitable systems integration with appropriate construction methodology.  
We believe in taking the time to sit down and meet with the Client to discuss the project specifics and constraints so that effective solutions are considered and the Client feels comfortable with their decision moving forward.
Every Client is different and we recognize that. We find that through effective communication and our consistent availability to the Client we are able to provide a level of service that will keep you coming back.
Our passion is your building.
Privacy Policy
Aegis West Engineering Inc. holds your rights to privacy and confidentiality in the highest regard. Whether you are an existing long term client or a prospective client considering our services you are afforded the same high standards and integrity regarding your personal and/or organizational information.
We do not sell your information to persons or organizations nor do we provide any of your personal or organizational information to any party without your prior consent and/or within the requirements of applicable laws pertaining to the Province of Alberta.
To be able to perform our services as accurately and diligently as reasonably possible, we will collect and use personal and organizational information as it pertains to the project in question and as provided by the Client.
Please contact us directly for more information regarding our privacy policy.