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Building Envelope Services


The staff at Aegis West Engineering Inc. always appreciate the opportunity to work with our existing and new clients. If you need help with your building's cladding, concrete, glazing, parkades, roofing, and/or waterproofing you have come to right place. Whether your property is located in Edmonton, Edmonton's surrounding area, or somewhere else in Alberta we want to speak with you about your project. Please see our list below for the kinds of services we can provide you:


New construction and existing buildings - we work on them all!


  • Asset Planning - 5 to 10 year plans, staggered renewal, multiple building portfolios for building envelope and roofing systems.


  • Building Envelope Performance Testing  for air leakage, water infiltration, thermal bridging, missing insulation using various non-destructive and deconstructive techniques and equipment.


  • Building Envelope Design, Specifications & Construction Review Services for new and existing buildings.

  • Investigations - condensation, ice damming, premature building envelope and/or roofing deterioration, water infiltration, waterproofing etc.


  • Reserve Fund Studies (RFS) - all studies are conducted only by professional engineers currently practicing in the Province of Alberta. Depending on your Reserve Fund Study needs multiple engineering disciplines can be engaged to properly conduct the study.


  • Roof Consulting - low slope systems (BUR, modified bitumen - SBS, EPDM, TPO, PVC, and EPDM-SBR) and sloped systems (standing seam, metal panel, asphalt shingles, tiles, and shakes). Roof Condition Assessments, Roof Asset Planning, and more. 


  • Waterproofing (parkades, plaza decks, foundations, balconies etc.)



The type of service required varies depending on the Client's needs. We would be happy to take your call to discuss your specific project requirements to ensure you get the product you need and deserve.