Aegis West Engineering Inc. 

Building Envelope Specialists



Aegis West Engineering provides their Clients with a quality Reserve Fund Study based on current building science engineering and construction experience.

What Makes Us Different?


Our building science engineers have the knowledge and experience required to accurately visually assess your property for the purpose of providing useful insight and commentary specific to your building. 

We are continually involved in condominium projects across the greater Edmonton area and conduct work that includes building envelope investigations, evaluations, building envelope renewal/upgrade projects, and of course brand new construction. This work makes us current with contractors, pricing, and local market trends, which we then use in our Reserve Fund financials and discussions.

The professional engineer who assesses and prepares your Reserve Fund Study will sit down with you to make sure that the report is understood and to discuss your concerns relating to your building.

Our Commitment To You:


Aegis West Engineering is a proud Edmonton, Alberta based firm that has the experienced engineering professionals you need to prepare your Reserve Fund Study. Together, our engineers have been working on Reserve Fund Studies since the 1990s and have serviced hundreds of properties just like yours. We believe in getting your Reserve Fund Study done professionally, accurately, and in a reasonable amount of time. 


From start to finish, you will only be working with one of our APEGA registered professional engineers (P. Eng.). 

We Want To Work With You:



From the time you contact us we want your input and involvement. If there is something specific related to your site you have concerns with, we ask for it up front, before we move forward. When we are on site, we conduct interior reviews and discuss the condominium performance with Owners directly. We provide the Board with a draft report and will then sit down to discuss our findings and recommendations, to ensure clarity and understanding.

Getting Started:



Give us a call or email and we would be happy to follow-up with you and answer your questions. If requested we have a sample plan available for your consideration. Click below to email Joel Smith, P. Eng. to get the service you deserve:  


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Service Area:

We service the greater Edmonton region and surrounding areas for a Reserve Fund Study.