Aegis West Engineering Inc. 

Building Envelope Specialists


Projects - Building Envelope Investigations

At Aegis West Engineering we believe restoring/maintaining existing buildings can be cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and better for the environment.

We use a variety of electronic devices, meters, and equipment in order to help assess and determine potential issues or anomalies that require further attention and review. 

    Institutional project: Sourcing interior water ingress/leaks related to roof to wall tie-in issues.
    Photo: Thermographic imaging being used to source leak(s). 
    Commercial project: Masonry deterioration and water related leaks. 
    Photo: Masonry wall corner to roof transition.
    Condominium project: Ice damming and water infiltration investigation.
    Photo: Test opening of roof cavity indicating air flow issues. 
    Condominium project: Water related infiltration affecting walls and struture.
    Photo: Image of water related staining/deterioration on floor structure components.
    Industrial project: Determining source(s) of ice damming and air leakage during investigation.
    Photo: Insulation and air/vapour  barrier detailing at framing end connection.
    Condominium project: Stucco cracking and movement issues.
    Photo: Main building elevation at an exterior deck location.
    Industrial project: Computer server room with atmosphere conditioning and stabilization issues.
    Photo: Thermographic image of insulated block wall insulation anomalies.
    Residential apartment project: Onsite spray rack and blower testing of newly installed PVC patio door units.
    Photo: Rain rack apparatus set-up for performance testing of the patio door.
    Condominium project: Water testing proving the failure of the existing balcony, wall, door detailing.
    Photo: Water testing being used to verify and source leak related issues.
    Apartment tower project: Window mock-up and investigation during project design/development.
    Photo: A view of the existing window rough opening being opened for detailed assessment.