Aegis West Engineering Inc. 


Projects - Building Envelope Investigations

At Aegis West Engineering we believe restoring and maintaining existing buildings can be cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and better for the environment.

  • provide building envelope evaluations and feasibility studies specific to a Client's requirements.
  • conduct visual and/or detailed onsite investigation and analysis that can include an array of electronic devices, meters, and building envelope related devices.
  • provide structural engineering analysis and/or design for solutions to issues that are specific to building envelope components.
  • have a network of contractors, big and small, able to assist in localized demolition suited for building envelope investigations.
  • communicate with our Clients from start to finish to ensure the Client is informed and understands the direction and results of the work being performed.
  • our engineers have conducted multiple investigations and/or evaluations on residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings across Alberta, Western Canada, the North, and Ontario.

Commercial project: Masonry deterioration and failure review.

Photo: Wall corner to roof transition.

Condominium project: Ice damming and water infiltration investigation.

Photo: Test openings indicating air flow issues.

Condominium project: Interior water infiltration investigation.

Photo: Deconstruction confirms infiltration and water related damages.


Industrial project: Ice damming and air leakage investigation in progress.

Photo: Insulation-A/V barrier at framing connection.

Industrial project: Server room atmosphere conditioning and stablization issues.

Photo: Exterior block wall insulation anomalies.

Residential project: Onsite performance testing of newly installed PVC door unit.

Commerical project: Potential moisture issues within newly clad soffit space.

Photo: Icicle formation at soffit location.

Condominium project: Stucco cracking and potential building movement issues.

Photo: Main building to exterior deck location.   

Institutional project: Interior water infiltration issues, review and testing in progress.

Photo: Roof to wall to glazing frame detail deconstruction.


Condominium project: Building envelope leak investigation.

Photo: Thermal image of water infiltration into an interior space.

Commerical project: Wood structure water deterioration.

Photo: Electronic moisture detection in progress by Aegis West staff.

Residential project: Performance testing of new PVC window unit.