Aegis West Engineering Inc. 

Building Envelope Specialists


Projects - Roof Consulting (sloped and low slope):

At Aegis West Engineering we provide experienced roof consulting for 

low (flat) sloped and sloped roof systems. Failure to manage and maintain 

roofing systems often leads to big problems inside the building and costs 

more money to repair. 

New and replacement roof systems are not a separate building component and

must be properly detailed and integrated with all adjacent building systems. 

Too often roofing related failures are caused by a lack of foresight and project

quality control and assurance. 

Institutional project: A restorative roof coating applied to an existing system to extend the service of the existing assembly while reducing cost and garbage to the landfill. 
Photo: Area view of an existing modified bitumen roof assembly with a restorative roof 
coating applied.
Commercial project: Roof replacement project with slope enhancements to improve drainage.
Photo: View of the new wood framed sloped system installation in-progress.
Condominium project: Full roof replacement conducted with new built-up roof system.
Photo: Area view across the new roof assembly with associated metal work in-progress.
Condominium project: Reported roof issues and leaks within several suites.
Photo: Thermographic imaging used to assess roof condition and locate compromised roof area(s).
Condominium project: Roof to wall transition issues under investigation.
Photo: The brickwork extends down directly onto the shingled roof deck creating structural issues, leak potential and future maintenance/replacement issues.
Condominium project: Chimney related leaks and water damage being addressed during shingle replacement.
Photo: Area view looking across the area of work while under construction.
Institutional project: Performance of roof construction reviews during the course of a project.
Photo: Worker back rolling the end lap of a modified bitumen cap sheet membrane transition.
Industrial project: Slope metal roofing system with an additional roof coating to extend the service life of the metal system.
Photo: In-progress view of the flex coat and surface coat applications over the metal roof panels.
Institutional project: Thermographic scanning and moisture meter detection in advance of roof restoration.
Photo: Marked out deficiency areas requiring localized repairs prior to system installation.
Institutional project: Pull testing of the new roofing materials to the existing substrate prior to installing the new system.
Photo: Pull testing of applied test strips directly on the roof.