Aegis West Engineering Inc. 


Projects: Roof Consulting

At Aegis West Engineering we provide experienced engineering consulting for low (flat) sloped and sloped roof systems including:

  • detailed review and troubleshooting of existing roof systems including how the roof relates to the full building envelope.
  • portfolio roof replacement and maintenance strategies and implementation.
  • design and specifications for new or existing, low slope and sloped roofing systems including in-house roof related structural engineering support, when required.
  • proven experience with residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial applications.

Apartment project: Review, specifications, tender, and construction review.

Photo: New modified bitumen roof system in progress.    

Commercial project: Structural and roofing review, specifications, tendering, and construction review.

Photo: Conventional TRA system in progress.

Institutional project: Shingle and wood structure review.

Photo: Roof level shingle damage and exposed deck sheathing.

Commercial project: Asset management roof scan and review.

Photo: Thermal image of wet insulation areas confirmed with cut testing.

Institutional project A: Roof assessment with options provided to Client.

Apartment project: Review, specifications, tender, and construction review.

Photo: New upgraded, sloped built-up roof system at completion.

Industrial project: Review, specifications, tender support, and construction review.

Photo: Existing metal roof restoration in progress.

Institutional project: Flat roof replacement.

Photo: Wood framed cricket installation for drainage enhancement.


Residential project: Wood shake roof investigation.

Photo: Roof composition determination in progress.

Institutional project B: Restorative roof coating applied to existing roof system reducing waste, cost, and providing a new full system warranty.